Honu is first in the world, custom replacement part that technologically upgrade iPhone hardware.

Honu offer completely unique designed iPhone that has up to 3 days of battery life on a single charge.



It is not enough just to add extra battery, the art is to fit it where you don’t feel it.

That is why we concentrated biggest volume in the center of a device because it is the best way to hide extra thickness that comes from extra battery.



Extra weight do not represents only extra battery which is one of the heaviest components in mobile phone but also more rigid frame around internal components which offer up to 3X more crash resistance

Extra weight: 101g

Total weight: 230g


Extra Battery:

Charge your iPhone on Friday, and you are good till Monday.


The Honu smart battery has a capacity of 2500 mAh, and provides a maximum usage time up to 3 days, and with a built-in protective features you no need to worry about battery safety, allowing you to focus less on your charger and more on having an epic weekend.


Battery capacity: 2500mAh

Battery type: Six-cell LiPo battery

Charge Temperature: -10-60℃

Discharge Temperature: 0-40℃




Frame is made from aviation grade aluminum T6061, surface treatment is sandblasted and anodizing.


Back side is made from hi-quality acrylic glass that has outstanding strength, stiffness, and optical clarity. This is achived by exposing material to heat for 3 hours and additional self-healing transperent ceramic coating

100% Bamboo Wood:

We like the idea to protecting the world with less plastic products and that is why our charging dock is manufactured from two safest and best building materials in the world: Aluminum and wood.


Charging Dock:

The most unique Qi charging dock

Working behind a computer? Constantly annoyed with picking up phone for notifications, one word replys messages, phone cals, multi-tasking with phone and computer?

We have perfect solution.

While charging you have side by side displays and in it is stable enough so you can operate: zoon, pinch, click, without even picking-up a phone.