Chances are, you organize your entire life on your smartphone. That is exactly why 95 % of people think battery life is the most important part when buying a smartphone! 

In the time when mobile phones are becoming smarter but less mobile, we want to return the meaning of mobility back. With that in mind, we designed Honu. A power bank and an iPhone combined into one device with an integrated extra battery that prolongs your phone’s battery life and enables you to be on the move. Without interruptions. Without added buttons and cables. Without worries. 

We changed the norm of charging your phone from 1-3 times per day to 2-3 times per week. We also developed a wireless charging dock, so you won’t need to cable-charge your mobile phone ever again. And all that without compromising on style!  

So, start enjoying your own rhythm. Stop missing important events. Don’t miss capturing the most beautiful moments ever again. 

Honu, bringing the mobile back. Available for iPhones 5-XS.